Scientific Scope

In a world with increasing energy demand for maintaining and developing the modern society, but at the same time seeking for renewable resources and environmental friendly solutions, electrochemistry can clearly provide efficient and clean alternatives for energy conversion and storage. Two fields of great impact in today’s energy economy are the development of lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. The goal of the present meeting is to provide a venue where electrochemical researchers working in the fields of lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will have the opportunity to discuss their recent advances and future developments. The scope of the meeting goes from basic research in related electrode reactions to applied electrochemical energy conversion and energy storage, including electrochemical engineering aspects. Topics
will include the development of new cathode and anodes materials, cell designs for Li batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, mathematical modelling, simulation and optimisation of batteries, characterisation of interfaces, electron transport, computational models, electrodeposition processes related to the preparation of new electrodes, surface and electrochemical characterisation of electrode materials, methods for performance analysis of batteries and cells, deterioration diagnosis, etc.